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About Tamriel's Sentinels

Our mission has always been one of peace for all races. All ten races need to band together as one to fight against Molag Bol and his minions of Cold Harbor. However, now that the land of Tamriel has been thrown into chaos, we need more then peasants and soldiers. We need Tamriel’s Sentinels.

We are an organized yet friendly guild. Our members range from general gamers to dedicated role players.

Whether you are looking for an active role within guild society, would like to be part of our war to be rulers of peace or just like to adventure with some loyal guildmates. There is something for everyone to do.

‘Unity is our strength, Discipline our shield and Strategy our sword’

These are the three tenants of Tamriel’s Sentinels. If you choose to join us you must be social and respect other members, you must respect hierarchy and we must all unite in the best interest of the guild.

The Call
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